Selling to the Old Brain.

One very interesting book. Anyway. Regarding Business development & those types of challenges to carry out.

This book will change the way you communicate forever. Unveiling a remarkable combinaison of the latest brain research and revolutionary marketing&sales best practices, both the 2 authors, Patrick Renvoisé & Christophe Morin, teach you highly effective, techniques to build and deliver powerful, unique & memorable messages that will have major, lasting impact on any audience.

You will learn what the latest brain research says about the true ‘decision center’.  How to craft your message to appeal to the part of the brain that decides.  The 6 stimuli that always trigger a response from the ‘Old Brain’…   The 3 different learning styles, and how to address them.  How to create impact and grab immediate attention everytime you deliver.

As you know surely, already…   New research in neuroscience reveals that the human brain is made up three parts that act as separate organs ; with different cellular structures ; and different specific operational functions.

– The ‘New Brain’  thinks.  It processes rational data.

– The ‘Middle Brain’  feels.  It processes emotions and feelings.

– The ‘Old Brain’  decides.  It reviews input from the other two brains ; and processes the decision making steps.


Traditionally (Jacobson, and so on.), we have been learned to communicate to the ‘New Brain’ , logically and rationally, while failing to address the true decision maker, the primitive ‘Old Brain’,  in language it can understand.

In this groundbreaking book, you will learn how to build and deliver messages that provide maximum impact by seaking directly to the ‘Old Brain’.  The principles in this book will revolutionize the way you communicate, and sell so successfully manage the situation to jump…  Because this method improves your ability to deliver messages with maximum impact to any audience.


On back cover, comments from different Business senior managers are very challenging…

For example :

If this book is being read by your competitors, your company soon could be toast. This book should top the reading list of anyone in marketing, advertising or sales.   Jim Bandrowski, Author of ‘Corporate Imagination-Plus’.

This book is great for structuring a vision ; and articulating a value proposition. After you read it, you ‘ll just want to start using it.   Nicolas de Kouchkovski, Senior VP, Genesys Telecommunications Labs.

This model is totally unique because it is dedicated to the sales process through understanding of the brain function(s).  Chuck Kissner, Chairman & CEO, Stratex Networks.


Enjoy this very interesting book, and start using it…