Message Boosters

For the last 20 years, thanks to technological evolutions in different technical segments, neuroscience reveals more and more how is processing the human brain, segmented in specific and functional different parts.

– The ‘New Brain’ thinks. It processes rational data.

– The ‘Middle Brain’ feels. It processes emotions & feelings.

– The ‘Old Brain’ decides. It reviews input from the other 2 brains ; and processes decision making.


Based on neuroscience knowledge… ‘Message Boosters’  are, more and more clearly identified, clearly understood… More and more clearly used and improved, concerning ‘optimal Communication’

In the environment of ‘english speaking’ culture (anglo-saxon), it is more and more used, in Business communication. For example in US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand… And, for sure, also in Scandinavian Countries, Netherlands, Chile, Panama, Japan, China, Singapour, …

In ‘French speaking’  environment, one concrete evolution is ‘on going’, step by step…  depending on entreprises specificities. The pragmatic evolution of using neuroscience in Business communication seems, on the Operations floor, really slower than in the english speaking countries. Surely.

Hereunder, the message Boosters :

1- Wording with YOU !    Using « You » makes your prospects take ownership of your solution.

2- Your credibility is one very important success factor. And you can improve it by using you passion, energy and conviction. Passion, Energy and Conviction can be sensed by the ‘Old Brain’ of your audience. The efficiency of those elements is very strong.

3- Contrast : create a sharp difference between the pain your prospects experience before your solution, and relief of that pain with your solution improvement.

4- Emotion : prospects forget how painful their problems really are. Reenact their pain and make it personal in your efficient proposal.

5- Learning styles : most messages are only auditory. Use the 2 other learning styles : visual & kinesthetic channels, to keep audience really and pragmactically engaged.

6- Stories : because the ‘Old Brain’ cannot really make the difference between reality and story well told. And the ‘Old Brain’ is really the decision maker center. For this reason, stories are soft… but highly effective influencers.

7- Less is more :    (for me, personally, it is still difficult. But it is so efficient). Let’s make every second, every object, every word your message count.


Indeed, if you want to explore more details… Let’s read, first of all, this pragmatic book : Selling to the Old Brain, by Patrick Renvoisé & Christophe Morin, from SalesBrain, San Franscisco CA.

Of course, more and more informations regarding neuroscience are easily available on the web… to use it, on the floor.

It’s really one fascinating area to discover.